B-Triton-x application for moderator

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    Q.What is Your In-Game Name?

    Q.What is Your Age?
    A.I’m currently 24 years old.

    Q.How long have you been a member?
    A.I joined the BTX community on the 23rd of September, 2019.

    Q.How active are you on discord and In-Game?
    A.I’m active mostly every day on discord and in-game on the BTX server.

    Q.Do you have any administrative experience?
    A.Regarding any video game, no. On the job however, I have excelled at both on-the-spot decision making, and communicating with employees and customers effectively.

    Q.What game(s) did you administrate on?
    A.I have not administrated in-game but I take playing by the rules and keeping the chat respectful, seriously… on the BTX discord/server or not, I try to maintain a certain level of respect and fun.

    Q.What can you contribute to the community as a member of staff?
    A.I believe I can contribute to the BTX server and community in general as I am a mature, but also humorous guy, perfectly willing to speak up/act when needed, and have a good laugh when appropriate.
    I plan to help keep BTX the great community it is.

    Q.What would you say your greatest strength is?
    A.There are two I want to touch on-
    First being that I care about outcomes. I enjoy putting effort into the things I do and enjoy informing others of the things I learn along the way.
    Second I have no problem stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I tend to catch on quickly and I am usually not afraid to ask questions if I am not sure of something.

    Q.What would you say your greatest weakness is?
    A.My greatest weakness would have to be self-image. I second guess myself in certain situations, usually in communication, and I lose site of how the other person may be interpreting
    what I am trying to communicate and begin to think I may have “said too much” or “said the wrong thing”. It’s a bit peculiar in fact, considering I normally have no problem speaking my mind about something,
    but certain times I have a hard time seeing the way others view me–by extension, I tend to care too much.

    Q.How will you overcome this weakness?
    A.I am practicing, every day, what is in my circle of control and what isn’t. I can’t control what other’s think, but I can control what I do. For example, wanting to speak up on something I’ve seen
    another community member say, I usually feel indecisive whether or not stating my opinion on the matter would make the situation better or worse. I am practicing weighing out the possibilties before
    jumping in wanting to give my opinion on something that will resolve without me.

    Q.Why do you want to become a BTX Staff member?
    A.I want to help keep the community respectful and a fun environment, keep the cheaters away from the BTX server and community, and help fend off online toxicity.
    All the while improving myself through communication/assertiveness/what I can and can’t control etc.

    Thanks for considering my application.

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    Community Moderator

    Very helpful on the server, participates on discord and donates to the server.  Thank you for your well thought out application.  🙂
    I support triton for moderator status, should a position open.

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