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    What is Your In-Game Name? Codiaz

    What is Your Age? 20

    How long have you been a member? about 7-8 months or so i think

    How active are you on discord and In-Game? i’m usually on the server anything from 1-5 times a day unless im busy with irl stuff

    Do you have any administrative experience? i’d say i have a decent amount of administrative experience, i’ve been staff on other communitys for other games, where i have most experience from was a Garry’s Mod community i was in for about 4 years, worked my way from Trial Admin to Senior Admin in the time i was there, that’s where most my experience is from. i was also Head-Admin in a CS:S / CS:GO community for about 2 years, then left that and joined a CS:S only community where i was Veteran Admin which was pretty much Head-Admin i was there for 1,5 years untill it closed down due to issues between the management, the guy that owned the servers from that community then made a new community with me and some of the other higher admins and i helped build that up, i also still have my rank there even though i don’t play or interact with the community anymore, i’m also currently Admin in a fairly large CS:GO community that has 7 servers i think it is and around 150k members in their steam group.

    What game(s) did you administrate on? Minecraft, CS 1.6, CS:S, CS:GO, Garry’s Mod, Rust, Team Fortress 2, those are the games i can think of that i’ve had a staff role of any sort on.

    What can you contribute to the community as a member of staff?, To start with i know the rules, which is obviously important. I’m a nice and kind guy that loves to help people, should they have any problems, questions etc, i’m very friendly and outgoing and love meeting new people and getting new friends, i have a good amount of knowledge about how to deal/react with/to people aswell as solve the problems i might face, i also love learning new skills and love to get more experience to get better, i’m also active and i love to play on btx’s server which is also the only server i play on, i’d love to be able to help out with moderating the server/community.

    What would you say your greatest strength is?, Tough question, it’s not something i have really given thought about before so i don’t really know. I guess if i’d have to go with something maybe that i am good at moderating? (atleast i think so myself)

    What would you say your greatest weakness is? Not sure how to respond to this to be honest, i can’t really think of anything that would be my “greatest weakness”, if i had to choose something i guess it would be that i sometime fail to formulate myself at times, my native language is Danish as i’m from Denmark, even though i speak really good english i sometimes mess up while trying to explain something (dosen’t happend often, but it can happend)

    How will you overcome this weakness?, Not sure if theres anything i can do to overcome it to be honest, i’ll always be Danish afterall.

    Why do you want to become a BTX Staff member? I want to become a btx staff member because i’d love to be able to help moderate the server/community along with the other staff, i personally feel i’d be able to do a good job as i have a good amount of experience with moderation aswell as that i’m a nice guy and always try to be friendly towards everyone.


    Thank you for your time.

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    Your application feels thought out and not rushed. I don’t see any issue with supporting this. Good luck!


    Community Moderator

    I’ve played on the server with ItzCodiaz a lot.  He helps balance with !assist a lot and backs up the admins on rules enforcement.  I support this as well.



    Thank you guys 🙂

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