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    Introduce yourself here:

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    Hello! My name is Exyio. The name has no significant meaning and was created a while back out of thin air. Now, a little about me. I grew up playing baseball, but I always enjoyed playing video games.

    I started my gaming lifestyle on the nintendo playing games like the following: “Army Men” and “Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire”. I eventually got the original Xbox and played games like Call of Duty 3 along with some sports games, but I didn’t really get fully into gaming until I got the Xbox 360. Games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare (CoD 4), Black ops (1 and 2), Gears of War, and many more peeked my interest greatly. I loved the socialization aspect of multiplayer and enjoyed playing with friends.

    I built my first PC back in late middle school. The system wasn’t the best but I was able to run the one game I wanted to play at the time, GMoD. Youtubers like Markiplier, jacksepticeye, and seananners got me into that game. Eventually, like most, I wanted to start playing better games. I gradually upgraded my PC so I could start playing games like CSGO. This sparked PC gaming life.

    Ever since then I have upgraded and upgraded and now I play some of the coolest games, hang with some of the coolest people, and help run some of the coolest communities out there. I wouldn’t trade anything for the experiences I have gained. Trust me when I say, I am just getting started 🙂

    See you on the battlefield!



    Warder here…

    Self proclaimed worst BF4 player evar.

    Started video games at the lowly age of 5ish with an NES.  Got hooked into it very very quickly.  Played almost every system in existence.  Only owned a handful.  NES, Genesis, whatever that weird 32bit upgrade thing was for it, PS1/2/3, Xbox 360.  Grew into the fantastic time waste of modern times under PC.

    Built first machine around early EARLY Pentium 4 era (Christ that was a giant CPU for the time).  First actual non-C64 computer was an IBM PS/2 386 era.

    Haven’t bought a prebuilt for myself since then.  Built probably 3 or 4 dozen computers between myself and for friends/family.

    We won’t discuss the homelab stuff I have setup. LOL




    Hello! I’m Edwin, or more commonly known as SpicyTorchic.

    My name was founded way back when me and my friends sat around and did nothing but battle each other with our crazy high level Pokemon on the nostalgic 3rd gen (best gen) Pokemon games. The name was created after the foods we ate, and my favorite Pokemon of all time, Torchic. We all had the same names though, for instance, my cousin’s was SpicyPikachu.

    I spent a grand portion of my early teens playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, where Spicy stopped just being part of my name, and was formed into a group. We stayed up late every night, and would come home after school to play, it was an awesome experience, and getting Skype called in the middle of a match will forever be burned into my mind as my least favorite thing EVER.

    Eventually though, most of my friends moved away from PC, moved over to consoles, got other friends, or like me, got girlfriends. After that we looked for another game, one that we could leave anytime, and not feel pressured by the hour long matches that you couldn’t leave without penalty on CSGO. We found Battlefield 4, and spent a little bit of time playing that, before, ironically, most of them moved back to CSGO. I’ve moved on from CSGO, only playing it every once and a while nowadays, but for me, it will always be remembered as one of my favorites.

    Nowadays I play a fair bit BF4 and Minecraft in my freetime, during those times, I’m usually always available in the BTX discord, or talking in the lobby. You’re always welcome to talk or play with me, as long as you don’t mind getting killed 🙂

    If you don’t find me there, you can find me on the BF4 server, either playing, or moderating. Other than that, I’ll see you around, thanks Exyio for your work on the forums!


    Community Moderator

    I’m Vypir,

    I’ve been playing as this online personna for over 20 years.  If you’ve played a game and you’ve seen Vypir, it’s probably me.  Yes, even in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.  Although, my main character in WoW for 9 years was a Troll Priest named Palu on Andorhal.

    Anyway, I love video games, been into them since 1977 (i was 3)See the source image
    I’m a retired computer engineer, but also owned a comic book/gaming store for a few years before selling out of it.

    Last thing, I love craft beer, but I don’t have top knot or a goatee.



    I’m Armorgedd0n. I have been with BTX since November 4, 2017 . I am proud to be part of an awesome gaming organization built on friendship and gaming.

    I started playing games in my grandpa’s basement when he got an Atari 2600. I want to say he got it in 1978. Breakout, pitfall, space invaders, pac-man, etc. What a time to be alive.  After a few years I won the Science Fair in my high school with my Atari 800XL. It was a BASIC program called Computerized Constellations. It had flashing stars, comets and it would draw out a constellation and it would have a 4 line description of what it was. I worked on it for months. I had a few games for it ; Asteroids, Centipede, Frogger, and Defender was my favorite for a long time.

    Fast forward to 1998 and I was starting my first job selling Tandy’s at Radio Shack and that’s when I really started to get into PC gaming with one of my all-time PC games Space Quest. I have played them all. Then there was King’s Quest I, Leisure Suit Larry I-III and Mad Dog McCree. I also played Links ’97 with the people I worked with.

    I don’t really remember my first PC build but I do remember my first PC. It was a massive gateway tower and it was a 486 with 16MB Ram and I don’t remember the storage.  Maybe 20MB or something … who knows. I had a terrible time getting online using a 56k modem.  My wife played some games on it. The only one I can remember her playing is Jazz Jackrabbit.

    I have played Battlefield 2 all the way up to Battlefield 5 skipping Hardline. I did buy Battlefield 1 but I didn’t play it much. I am currently playing Division 2 and some Battlefield 3.

    See you on the Battlefield.

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    hi everyone my name is reaperofdeath35 or sean ether one. iv been pc gaming for the last 3 years. I enjoy FPS and RTS games. I mostly play battlefield 4 ,5 and 1 as well as R6.

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