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    BTX Community

    We now have new stuff for our VIPS! Remember, running a community cost money. If that is paying for the server itself along with a website, or as simple as doing cool things, like giveaways and special rewards for events.

    Although we don’t force donations nor need them to stay alive, all donations help in keeping the server running well, and doing cool events for you guys.

    If you do donate you will get VIP status in-game and in discord. The perks included are as followed:

    VIP Status (Discord/Server)
    Personal Channels in discord
    VIP Chat in discord
    Reserved slot in the server (Members already get this)
    VIP Only Events/Giveaways

    Like I said above, these donation are not specifically need to keep the server alive, but they do help. We appreciate you guys hanging with us, donors or not, and that is all we can ask for.

    Donate here: (Paypal) (NFO/BF4 Server Only)

    Thank You
    BTX Staff

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